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Reliable geared motor manufacturer! Hyo Seong Geared motor!

Special Geared Moters

Automatic Door DC Motor

• Low price & slim size design
• High efficiency
• Small size & light weight
• Wide operation temp. range

Automatic Door BLDC Motor

• Low Noise & High Torque
• Small size & Light Weight
• Fast response for Open/Close Timing
• Optimization of manufacturing
• Price competitiveness

Automatic Door BLDC Motor 25W

• Smallest & Compact Size
• Non-fixed for Minimize noise and vibration
• Using manually in case of Power failure (Less Cogging Load)
• Less Power consumption

SUV Automatic Side Step Motor

Steering Geared Motor for Automatic steering of golf Car

• Compact (Weight & Size) Design
• Motor For Automatic Driving
• High Efficiency
• Low noise & Low vibration